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Qualche settimana fa ho scritto per Releasing Intimacy un breve racconto della visita a Ratchaburi (Thailand) per andare a trovare Wasinburee, uno dei due artisti thailandesi che ho intervistato alla 55a Biennale di Venezia.


I met Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch this year for the first time. It was early June in Venezia and I organised my journey through the 55th Biennale starting from the Thai Pavillion, where Wasinburee presented his work Poperomia (you can find my personal review of the 55th Biennale in Venezia here, hope to translate it into English soon). After my interview to Wasinburee, I promised him to visit his hometown as soon as possible. He described me his amazing project of bringing arts to the people, breaking down art galleries’ boundaries. He told me something that struck me: while he was meeting Ratchaburi’s residents and business owners to present his project, a woman in a small restaurant told him that she couldn’t understand art, art is complicated, it’s for educated people. He indicated her the family altar she’s taking care of everyday (that’s typical in Thailand) and told her that the way she put offerings and flowers to show respect to her ancestors is art.
She agreed. I couldn’t wait to see it for real.

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